KASHAN – Persian rug


Kashan, these Persian masterpieces first adorned homes and palaces.

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Hailing from one of Iran’s oldest cities, Kashan, these Persian masterpieces first adorned homes and palaces as early as the 17th Century. Undeniably referenced as the most glorious and beautiful of all Persian rugs, the Kashan range encapsulates much history.

These hand knotted gems, are restored with great care to create immaculate and decorative designs, whilst maintaining their historic magic.

Classified as A class. Persian rugs, these rugs are pre-loved, showing a more lived-in look, this range offers a more affordable entry price point to placing these historic rugs in your home.

Popular colours include ivory, red and navy blue, with softer blues being found in newer rugs.

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KASHAN - Persian rug

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